Derivative of cos2x

Derivative of Cos2x Video Transcript

this is a TI-89 titanium step-by-step program app for the derivative
of cos2x
for some function within the parenthesis there
to get to my main menu you have to press second alpha to enter the letters
and then press alpha again to enter the eight and the left and
right parenthesis
press enter into my menu
you have many choices in this menu of course
you can scroll way down
all alphabetical
equation of a tangent line
eliminate the parameter, dot product, cross product, whatever you need here
all step-by-step
all perfect
and we want to do
cosine derivative
scroll to that
uh… you have to press alpha before you enter anything in my
and so we’re going to enter cosine
and let’s enter
rather than two _x
let’s enter _x
I show you what you’ve entered so you can change it
and i say it’s okay
give you the chain rule formula, you write all of the
things down step-by-step calculations
on each screen
so you can get an _a in calculus
derivative of cosine of
_u is minus sine of _u
and here’s your answer
two times _x minus sine of _x squared
pretty neat huh?, go to my programs
enjoy my programs, and pass calculus

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