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My name is Tom and I program TI89 calculators to solve calculus
problems and show every step on your screen.

I've collected tests, mid-terms and finals from all over the United States
and placed the most likely programs a college student will face inside.

Enter your equation and view your solution line by line on your
TI-89 screen and never get lost again.

Pass calculus and move on with your life.

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"Tom: I showed my ex, who is a calculus professor,and he was waaaaaaay impressed. And he is an arrogant ass, who never helped me ever...I could tell he wanted to hate on it, but he couldn't." ~Kristin P.

"You are an angel sent from above TOM!!! Thank you so much for being patient with me. I got the programs to work and I am very confident I am going to pass this class once and for all. The Double and Triple Integrals programs are a life saver! Thank You Thank You Thank You!" ~Cotto

You get all the calculus 1,2 & 3 programs for the price of a serious happy hour.
Thats all four years of calculus, free updates forever!

100% Guaranteed
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